A Message From Dr. Marsh

We want to help you live your healthiest life. That goal is at the center of everything we do.

We ensure unrushed and thorough communication with extended office visits, multiple ways to contact us, and coordination of care through specialists. This is key when treating multiple, complicated problems, optimizing lifestyle, and anything in between. Extended appointments allow us to develop a strong relationship so that we can provide effective, personalized care tailored to your own particular goals.

We have invaluable knowledge of the local medical community that was developed over ten years. This means that our referrals are to specialists who have been personally vetted and will provide the best possible care. Should you have an issue that can not be addressed locally, we refer to nationally renowned specialists to ensure you receive uncompromised care.

We maintain privileges at all local hospitals to ensure seamless transitions around surgeries or illnesses, should they occur. We are experts in getting you back on your feet after an illness.

Because we are an independent practice, your health will not be affected by third parties such as insurance carriers, hospital systems, or other entangling financial relationships. You will receive the best care possible; period.

Join our practice and see how much more is possible in healthcare.

Dr. Jonathan Marsh

Dr. Jonathan Marsh provides personalized care so that you can live your healthiest life for years to come. He will not only address your immediate medical needs, but work with you to achieve your health and lifestyle goals. Contact him today to stay fit, healthy, and active! He has held a variety of leadership positions at both NCH and Physician’s Regional Healthcare Systems and is the current Chief of Medicine at Physician’s Regional. He currently uses his communication skills and in-depth knowledge of the local medical landscape to practice concierge medicine.

Dr. Soltana Kuliyeva

Dr. Kuliyeva recognizes that patient well-being extends beyond treating medical issues, encompassing emotional and physical concerns. She ensures her patients feel heard, respected, and comfortable. Her personalized approach to healthcare ensures a tailored experience for each patient. With a focus on preventive care and unhurried consultations, she is committed to providing comprehensive and attentive medical services. Discover the benefits of Concierge Medicine with Dr. Soltana Kuliyeva as your dedicated healthcare partner.

We Are Here For You!